Etiquette Saint Louis is pleased to present: COTILLION SAINT LOUIS
    Kotil-yon. 1766 ad. French - The name of several dances, chiefly of French origin, consisting of a variety of steps.

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Etiquette Lessons

Week I:First Impressions, Introductions, Small Talk, Body Language
Week II:Telephone Etiquette, Cell Phone Etiquette, Email, Social Media and Other Technology
Week III:Good Grooming, Attire, Party Manners
Week IV:Table Manners
Week V:Table Manners
Week VI:Formal Dinner and Dance. A formal dinner and dance serves at the conclusion of our cotillion program. Dinners are held at an area club or restaurant and features a multi course meal, dance contests and fantastic prizes.

Dance Lessons

Etiquette Saint Louis partners with professional dance instructors to introduce traditional and current dances including the waltz, the salsa, swing dancing, and current line dances. Each child will receive a graduation certificate upon successful completion of the Cotillion.



As the season of traveling begins, it is important to remember a few tips and tricks while away from home. When going to the airport make sure to keep in mind that others are getting away too. Air travel can be stressful, but there are many things we can do to make everyone’s experience is more enjoyable along the way.

The age-old dilemma of the arm rests and foot space can be avoidable when we keep others in mind. Put others first by giving the passenger with the middle seat the arm rests. If you are traveling with young passengers, prevent them from kicking the seats or using technology without earbuds of some sorts.

Today, we must think about how technology can affect those around us. As we take off for Spring Break, making sure that our technology is not hindering others relaxation is just one step we can take to ensure no complications.

This year at Etiquette Saint Louis, we are spreading kindness. When traveling, we can do this by thinking of how we would like others to show us the same consideration.


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