Etiquette Saint Louis students started in 2000 as a way to help professionals and young people display confidence and comfort in all settings. Today we offer programs throughout the country including Corporate America, cotillion and children's programs in the St. Louis metropolitan area. We believe the ability to make people feel comfortable is not only relevant but critical in todays world.

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“Melenie Broyles, through her wealth of experience and professional connections, brings an interactive, lively, and essential program to our students and educates them on the skills they need to achieve success as aspiring business professionals. With her wit, charm and down to earth demeanor, students learn what they need to know and how to act in the professional world while still in college!”

- Norris Manning Director Academic Services School of Business Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

“We researched a number of employee/customer engagement programs, and ultimately, Experience 360 Partner and Etiquette St. Louis was able to provide us with a level of customization that was simply unmatched. Melenie’s ability to develop a unique program, addressing our specific goals, and deliver it in a professional and engaging way has transformed our culture and empowered us to enhance our customer relations across our entire institution.”

- Louis B. “Buzz” Eckelkamp, III President Bank of Washington

“Sarah Broyles instructed our cotillion and the kids hung on her every word. As a young professional Sarah was engaging and really connected with the class. I cannot say enough about the cotillion program that Etiquette Saint Louis provides.”

- Kirsten Mulvaney Assumption Parent

“Etiquette Impact has done a fantastic job delivering relevant content in a virtual format to our employees. Everyone seems to be busier than ever, but we’re still hearing how much they enjoy and appreciate the change of pace to attend virtual training. It’s important to us to continue providing development opportunities for our employees and Melenie is just as engaging online as she is in person.”

- Natalia Mueller Director of Global Learning RGA

Manners for Girls
Manners for Young Ladies teaches young girls the social etiquette, table manners and personal style that inspire self-confidence.

Manners for Boys
Manners for Young Men teaches the social skills and table manners.

Manners for Teens
Manners for Teens can help your teenager meet life's challenges with confidence by teaching them social skills, etiquette and personal style.

Corporate Seminars
Etiquette Saint Louis will customize a business etiquette seminar or workshop for your company. Our seminars can help your company to improve teamwork, polish your corporate image and improve the quality of your work environment.

Consultant Training
Melenie Broyles, of Etiquette Saint Louis, created a training organization called The Manners Partnership. The Manners Partnership offers training to individuals who desire to be the crème de la crème of the manners industry.

The Meaning Behind our Mantra

January 2024

At Etiquette St. Louis, we value the principles of kindness, courtesy and respect. These words uphold the essence of our company by helping us strive to create the best experience for students, parents, and professionals.

Each of these words play a special part in the essence of Etiquette Saint Louis, and we have been reflecting on them throughout the month of January as we go into 2024.


Kindness is a fundamental word taught to children at a very young age. It is putting others first. It is treating others well. It is many things, but to put it bluntly, it is the act of willingly making others feel good, no matter the cost to you.

This doesn’t mean that you must give up everything to be kind. In many cases, it just means that you might need to step outside of yourself and put yourself in someone else’s shoes. This opens an opportunity for people to learn about others, all while spreading positivity.


Similarly, courtesy is the act of showing politeness to others based on our actions. In a sense, courtesy is defined by meaning what you say and saying what you mean.

Specifically, to have courtesy means that you put others first. You aim to be polite, make them feel comfortable, and put them at ease.


Respect is an age-old practice that often gets overlooked for the sake of pride. Having respect means that you hold others to the same regard as you hold yourself.

Respect acts as a form of support in a group, community, country, or society. No matter the group of people, there must have a sense of respect to keep things cordial and equal. Without respect, people don’t feel valued.

No matter your personal definition of each of these words, the purpose of them is all the same. These three words work together to make sure other people feel comfortable. They are a sense of sacrificing something of your own for the well-being of others.

That is what etiquette is all about. Etiquette is not only about holding your fork the right way, but what message you send by doing so. Etiquette is not only about remembering someone’s name, but making someone else feel valued by doing so. Etiquette is not only about writing thank you notes on time, it is about how your thankful words make others feel.

While actions are fostered by etiquette, the heart behind them is what is of the utmost importance. True etiquette comes from a heart postured by kindness, courtesy and respect; true etiquette comes from making sure others feel comfortable, valued and seen.

We strive to make people feel all these things and more as we enter into a new year with the same principles that have carried us through 24 years of kindness, courtesy and respect.

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