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“Melenie Broyles, through her wealth of experience and professional connections, brings an interactive, lively, and essential program to our students and educates them on the skills they need to achieve success as aspiring business professionals. With her wit, charm and down to earth demeanor, students learn what they need to know and how to act in the professional world while still in college!”

- Norris Manning Director Academic Services School of Business Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

“We researched a number of employee/customer engagement programs, and ultimately, Experience 360 Partner and Etiquette St. Louis was able to provide us with a level of customization that was simply unmatched. Melenie’s ability to develop a unique program, addressing our specific goals, and deliver it in a professional and engaging way has transformed our culture and empowered us to enhance our customer relations across our entire institution.”

- Louis B. “Buzz” Eckelkamp, III President Bank of Washington

“Sarah Broyles instructed our cotillion and the kids hung on her every word. As a young professional Sarah was engaging and really connected with the class. I cannot say enough about the cotillion program that Etiquette Saint Louis provides.”

- Kirsten Mulvaney Assumption Parent

“Etiquette Impact has done a fantastic job delivering relevant content in a virtual format to our employees. Everyone seems to be busier than ever, but we’re still hearing how much they enjoy and appreciate the change of pace to attend virtual training. It’s important to us to continue providing development opportunities for our employees and Melenie is just as engaging online as she is in person.”

- Natalia Mueller Director of Global Learning RGA

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Understanding Gossip and Breaking Bad Habits

By: Caroline Williams

August 2023

One of the worst feelings is being in a group of people and getting the feeling that, at some point, they were all talking about you behind your back. No matter who you are, it hurts to think that you were not part of a conversation about yourself. It would make sense for you to be a part of that conversation, right? You can only jump to the conclusion that they were saying things they would most likely not say to your face.

When we feel like someone is saying mean things behind our backs, we instantly feel hurt and betrayed. While everyone reacts to situations in different ways, gossip is destined to make you retract your trust, and you probably feel like it is difficult for someone to gain it back.

When we think of gossip, many of us jump to the conclusion that teenage girls are the only ones who do it. However, the truth is that everyone has been hurt by gossip, and everyone has participated in gossip, even if they don’t know it.

Gossip is an age-old practice that everyone falls prey to. Whether you’re male or female, whether you are 13 or 92, you have been hurt by malicious words spoken about you behind your back. And, furthermore, whether you want to admit it or not, you have also been the person doing the gossiping at some point in your life.

Maybe you are convinced that you have never said something mean about someone behind their back. Chances are, even if you have never said something negative about someone who was not part of the conversation, you have still gossiped.

A common misconception is that gossip is only speaking negatively about someone behind their back. Only half of that is true. Yes, gossip is talking behind someone’s back. However, did you know that you’re technically gossiping about someone if you’re saying something positive about them when they’re not present?

Indeed, gossip at its core is when you talk about someone negatively or positively when they are not present. The key to gossip is that the person being talked about is not part of the conversation.

For example, say you are out to dinner with your friends. One of you mentions how much you love how the woman two tables down did her hair. Despite the fact that this is a compliment, this is technically gossip, because the woman with the nice hair is not in on the conversation.

The right thing to do would be to go up to the woman and compliment her.

When you don’t allow yourself to talk about positive things regarding people not included in the conversation, then you can work toward a goal to stop talking about negative things regarding others, too.

Breaking the habit of gossip will help you feel better and encourage you to strive for more worthwhile conversation with both strangers and your closest confidants.

If you participate in gossip, you will be hurt by gossip.  Break the habit of talking about others and protect your heart for the better.

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